Agriculture GPS Tracking

SercoVision 7" HD WinCE panel PC PC7021 was applied in the agriculture trucks as a part of blackbox system which is a cutting-edge range of products that delivers efficiency benefits for farmers, contractors and service providers. Customers develop gps softwares in the computer to do realize the function Guidance, Recording, Farmer Manual Management, GPS tracking, etc.
This well-established BlackBox GPS system offers multiple 3D guidance modes and the software is update-able. The system combined with our 7" HD touch screen, using Egnos/WAAS for correction along with built-in terrain compensation, giving accuracy to within 20cm.
Using the blackbox, farmers can:
- Improves accuracy and efficiency to reduce costs.
- Reduce paperwork and increase productivity.
- Reduce working time and improve accuracy.
- Save time, fuel and money.
- Avoid losing valuable field time.
- Significantly improve profitability.
- Work in low visibility conditions and improve yield mapping data.

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